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Xtra TV

Xtra TV is a DTH package based in Ukraine and broadcasting via Hot Bird 13B and Hot Bird 13C at 13°East.


Frequency (MHz) Res. Channel Video PID

Audio PID

Service ID

12219 H 29900 3/5


CAS: Verimatrix

SD Dorama      
SD Star Family      
SD TV 1000 East      
SD TV 1000 Action      
SD VIP Comedy      
SD TV 1000 World Kino      
SD Sony Turbo      
SD Sony Channel      
SD Sony Sci-Fi      
SD Fox TV      
SD Fox Life      
SD Ukraina 24      
SD Da Vinci      
SD National Geographic Channel      
SD Nat Geo Wild      
SD Viasat Explore      
SD Viasat History      
SD Viasat Nature      
HD Epic Drama      
HD Star Cinema      
SD Zee TV      
12437 H 29900 3/5


CAS: Verimatrix

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HD X Sport      
HD History Russia      
HD Viasat History      
HD Viasat Nature      
HD VIP Premiere      
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HD Niki Kids      
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