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Satellite INSAT 3DS
International Designator -
Operator Indian Space Research Organisation
Position 74 degrees East longitude
Payload 6 channel Imager, 19 channel Sounder, data relay and SA&R transponders
Coverage Maps -
Manufacturer Indian Space Research Organisation
Bus I-2K
Launch Mass 2060 kg
Launch Date 2021 (planned)
Launcher GSLV
Launch Site Satish Dhawan Space Centre - Sriharikota
Additional Information

INSAT-3DS is a follow-on mission of INSAT-3DR and will be used as spare in case of contingency requirement.  It is an advanced meteorological satellite configured with improved Imaging System and Atmospheric Sounder. It carries two meteorological payloads: 6 channel Imager & 19 channel Sounder. In addition to this, it also carries a Data Relay Transponder (DRT) and Satellite Aided Search and Rescue (SA&R) payload to provide continuity to INSAT S&R services. INSAT-3DS is designed for enhanced meteorological observations, monitoring of land and ocean surfaces, generating vertical profile of the atmosphere in terms of temperature and humidity for weather forecasting and disaster warning.


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