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Heinrich Hertz © OHB


Satellite Heinrich Hertz (H2Sat)
International Designator -
Operator DLR - German Aerospace Center
Position 17.6 degrees East longitude
Payload -
Coverage Maps Footprints
Manufacturer OHB
Bus SmallGEO
Launch Mass -
Launch Date 2021 (planned)
Launcher Ariane 5
Launch Site Guiana Space Centre - Kourou
Additional Information

In a contract awarded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the German Aerospace Center is examining the feasibility of a national satellite communications mission based on the preliminary studies (Phase 0) conducted by an industrial team lead-managed by OHB-System. This will form the basis for a national project (Heinrich Hertz communications satellite (H2Sat)).

Named for the German physicist Heinrich Hertz, it is Germany’s first national satellite communications mission since the DFS Kopernikus program involving a satellite engineered and built in Germany. Heinrich Hertz thus marks a further step in Germany’s return to full system capabilities in telecommunications satellites in accordance with the German space strategy adopted in 2010. The Heinrich Hertz mission pursues two goals:

Civil:In-orbit verification of new technologies. For this purpose, roughly one dozen new technologies for satellite communications will be tested on board the satellite and a number of scientific/technical experiments performed.

Military: Communications for the German federal armed forces. A dedicated payload will secure the continued operational capability of the German federal armed forces.


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