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Satellite Geo Imaging Satellite 1 (GISAT 1)
International Designator -
Operator Indian Space Research Organisation
Position 85.5 degrees East longitude
Payload Multi-Spectral Visible & Near-InfraRed, Hyper-Spectral Visible & Near-InfraRed, Hyper-Spectral Short Wave-InfraRed sensors
Frequency Range -
Manufacturer Indian Space Research Organisation
Bus I-2K Bus
Launch Mass 2268 kg
Launch Date 2020 (planned)
Launcher GSLV
Launch Site Satish Dhawan Space Centre - Sriharikota
Additional Information The Satellite is configured around modified I-2K bus carrying multispectral and hyperspectral payloads in different bands with improved spatial and temporal resolution.

GISAT's main mission is

• To provide near real time imaging of large area region of interest at frequent intervals.

• For quick monitoring of natural disasters, episodic events and any short term events.

• To obtain spectral signatures for agriculture, forestry, mineralogy, disaster warning, cloud properties, snow & glaciers and oceanography.


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