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GEO Kompsat 2B © KARI


Satellite GEO Kompsat 2B (Cheollian 2B)
International Designator 2020-013B
Operator Korea Aerospace Research Institute
Position 128.2 East longitude
Payload Earth environment monitoring and ocean monitoring
Frequency Range -
Manufacturer Korea Aerospace Research Institute
Bus -
Launch Mass 3379
Launch Date 18 February 2020
Launcher Ariane 5 ECA
Launch Site Guiana Space Centre - Kourou
Additional Information The Geostationary Earth Orbit Korea Multi-Purpose Satellite can observe the generation, migration, and extinction of environmental pollutants such as fine dust and yellow dust and the marine conditions around the Korean Peninsula. GEO Kompsat 2B is the world’s first satellite equipped with an environmental payload to observe the air pollutants.


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