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Eutelsat Konnect © Thales Alenia Space


Satellite Eutelsat Konnect
International Designator 2020-005B
Operator Eutelsat
Position -
Payload Ka band high throughput satellite
Frequency Range -
Manufacturer Thales Alenia Space
Bus Spacebus NEO
Launch Mass 3600 kg
Launch Date 16 January 2020
Launcher Ariane 5 ECA
Launch Site Guiana Space Centre - Kourou
Additional Information The baseline mission of Eutelsat Konnect is to provide 75 Gbps of capacity across a network of 65 spotbeams that together provide quasi-complete coverage of Sub-Saharan Africa. The satellite will address direct-to-user consumer and enterprise broadband services using dishes from approximately 75 cm. It will also be used for community networks connected to Wi-Fi hotspots, mobile phone backhauling and rural connectivity.


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