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The Maxar 1300 is one of the world’s most popular spacecraft platform, designed to accommodate evolutionary technology advances. It was one of the first spacecraft platforms to provide solar electric propulsion (SEP) and has been used to demonstrate next-generation technologies including Q/V-band, photonics and a payload orbital delivery system (PODS) that brings small free-flying spacecraft to GEO.

Maxar's 1300 platform features a lightweight and high-strength structure, fuel-efficient attitude and station-keeping subsystems, high-efficiency and reliable solar arrays and batteries, and advanced command and control subsystems.


Satellite Platform 1300
Manufacturer Maxar Technologies
Dimensions 3000 x 3500 x 5600 mm
Platform Wet Mass 1500 - 6500  kg
Payload Mass up to - kg
Applications TV broadcasting, Broadband, Digital Audio, Mobility/Cellular backhaul, Government, Scientific
Lifetime 15 years
Payload Power up to 20 kW
Solar Array Power 5 - 30 kW
Frequency Bands Ku / Ka / S / C / X / L / EHF / SHF / Q/V
Attitude Control Accuracy ±0.05 deg.
Propulsion System Chemical Bi-propellant
Development Time 24 - 30 months
Compatible Launchers Ariane 5, Falcon 9, Atlas V, Delta IV, Proton M, H-2A
Additional Information Single / Dual launch capability



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